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Flora Creek Deluxe Hotel Apartments Deira Şəhər Mərkəzinə yaxın, Deira, Dubay, 119062 BƏƏ   +971-4-2309000
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Serenity, at the Flora Creek unfolds a way of life with wellness at the core. This spa equipped with single and double treatment suites. A treated relaxation pool and fully outfitted gym with Life Fitness equipment emanates a harmonious balance of energy and elements all through. Contact the Spa staff for personalized suggestions & treatment options.


Saatlar: 06:00 - 22:00


Randevu 971-4-2309770 spa qəbul zəng edin və ya bir e-poçt göndərmək etmək üçün


Spa müalicəsi siyahısı


Serenity gözəllik müalicə

Serenity Body Envelopment

120mins / AED 400
Great to improve, tone and tighten the look and texture of the skin. Ideal for people with loose skin from weight loss or pregnancy. A full body exfoliation followed by a full body mask wrap that helps to balance oil ow, strengthening the skin and aiding in repair of scars, soothe dry & sensitive skin.

Serenity Leg Envelopment

60mins / AED 250
Envelopment dedicatedly from thigh to foot.

Beautiful Back Envelopment

60mins / AED 200
A beautiful wrap for a beautiful back

Back & Arms Exfoliation

30mins / AED 125
Exfoliation purely for the back & arms

Serenity Leg Exfoliation

30mins / AED 125
Skin exfoliation purely from Thigh to foot.

Serenity Skin Exfoliation

50mins / AED 175
This soothing, body exfoliation nourishes and alleviates the skin, restoring its texture with an incomparable softness and glow, helping to get rid of dry, aky skin that develops over the day
Serenity Express Masaj

Serenity Express Back Massage

25mins / AED 140
This Swedish massage uses long, owing strokes, focusing on the back, to reduce pain and induce calmness and serenity

Serenity Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

25mins / AED 140
A rm but gentle pressure massages to improve the circulation easing muscle stiffness & tension.

Serenity Express Leg Massage

25mins / AED 140
A stimulating deep tissue massage for circulation to recharge tired legs
Serenity nin Tay Masaj

Arokaya Gaai: The Body Herbal Compress

60mins / AED 325 - 90mins / AED 400
The Thai herbs, plants, and fruits packed in a muslin ball & heated are carefully selected from the nest natural ingredients and pure plant essential oils and extracts to revitalize and balance, as well as to release tension from the body and to restore peace and harmony evoking a state of utter bliss.

Arokaya Thao: The Foot Herbal Compress

30mins / AED 175 - 60mins / AED 250
A foot and lower leg treatment designed to escalate the mobility of your ankles and feet whilst stimulating the lymph ow, internal organs and the meridians. With pure natural ingredients, this soothing synergy enhances relaxation, helping to relieve tension and stress and leave your feet smooth and hydrated.

Sawadee: The Thai Foot Massage

30mins / AED 150 - 60mins / AED 200
Using unique Thai massage techniques with aroma oils that are kneaded deep into your ligaments to reduce muscle tension, boost energy ow and improve well-being.
Serenity Masaj

Deep Tissue Massage

60mins / AED 300 - 90mins / AED 350
This therapeutic massage is strong and intense, realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues to restore normal movement. It helps regain vitality and eases tension.

Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

60mins / AED 350 - 90mins / AED 400
Traditionally used by the Native Americans, Basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat, is heated in 120 degree water & the aromatic oil is used to smoothen it works together to help the energy ow through the chakras of the body. Helps ease muscle tension faster.

Aromatherapy Massage

60mins / AED 250 - 90mins / AED 300
Aromatherapy is an ancient art using the natural essential oil of plants, roots and owers. This unique massage will help to soothe the body, mind and spirit. This gentle, nurturing treat combines the sense of touch and smell to ease physical and mental tension using fragrant essential oils

The Serenity Signature Massage

60mins / AED 250 - 90mins / AED 300
Relax your mind, body and senses with our signature holistic massage that increases circulation and assists in removing daily stress and tension from the body.

The Classical Swedish Massage

60mins / AED 225 - 90mins / AED 300
Mastered in the early 1800’s by Swedish physiologist, Henri Peter Ling, the classical soft tissue manipulation still remains the pioneer of all western massages. The most conventional form of alternate healing.

Foot Reflexology

30mins / AED 135 - 60mins / AED 190
Foot reflexology is based on the premise that nerve zones exist from the bottom of the feet to the top. This is a practice of massaging the feet and allow ripple effects to travel to other parts of the body.

Champi - The Ancient Indian Head Massage

30mins / AED 135 - 60mins / AED 190
Nourish the scalp, hair and invigorate the upper back and neck to promote a sense of well being. Application of warm herb infused hair oil followed by a pressure point deep scalp massage revitalizes the scalp and hair to prevent hair loss, premature graying and improving blood circulation. Excellent for easing tension headaches, inducing
calmness and total serenity.
Sizin müalicə-a-Touch əlavə et

Energy Point Face Massage

15mins / AED 50
Working on the chinese meridian lines on the face, enervate the energetic channels throughout the face along with the blood circulation, nerve and lymphatic supply of the face.

Hot Herbal Compress

20mins / AED 50
Adds another dimension to your treatment; concentrates heat on specic areas that need attention.

Foot Bath

15mins / AED 35
A luxurious soak in warm water with aroma of therapeutic herbs that purify, soothe and cleanse the foot
Serenity mərasimlər

Serenity Soul Invigorating

300mins / AED 990
- Foot Bath
- Foot Reflexology
- Skin Exfoliation
- Volcanic Hot Stone Massage or Arokaya Gaai: Thai Body Herbal Compress
- Pro-Collagen Quartz Lifts Facial
- Champi –The Ancient Indian Head Massage

Serenity Rejuvenation:

225mins / AED 790
- Foot Bath
- Reflexology or Foot Herbal Compress
- Deep Tissue Massage or Aromatherapy Massage
- Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial
- Champi – The Ancient Indian Head Massage

Serenity From The East

165mins / AED 690
- Foot Bath
- Arokaya Gaai: Thai Body Herbal Compress
- Express Reflexology or Foot Herbal Compress
- Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial

Serenity Bliss

135mins / AED 590
- Foot Bath
- Express Reflexology
- Deep Tissue Massage or Aromatherapy Massage
- Elemis Express Facial
Serenity tövsiyələr

Serenity Skin Exfoliation with Aromatherapy Massage

110mins / AED 425 - 140mins / AED 475

Serenity Skin Exfoliation with Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

110mins / AED 525 - 140mins / AED 575

Serenity Skin Exfoliation with Arokaya Gaai: The Body Herbal Compress

110mins / AED 500 - 140mins / AED 575

Serenity Express Back Massage or Head, Neck & Shoulder or Express Leg Massage with Hot Herbal Compress

45mins / AED 185

Full Face Threading

30mins / AED 75

Eye Brow Threading

15mins / AED 35

Upper Lip Threading

15mins / AED 25

Chin Threading

15mins / AED 25

Neck Threading

15mins / AED 25
Balmumu ile tüy

Women - Half Leg Wax

45mins / AED 80

Women - Full Back

30mins / AED 90

Women - Full Stomach

30mins / AED 50

Women - Full Body Wax

90mins / AED 350

Women - Full Arm Wax

45mins / AED 100

Women - Half Arm Wax

30mins / AED 60

Women - Full Leg Wax

60mins / AED 150

Women - Upper Lip

15mins / AED 25

Women - Chin Wax

15mins / AED 25

Women - Underarm

20mins / AED 30

Women - Bikni Line

60mins / AED 80

Women - Brazilian Wax

60mins / AED 150

Women - Butt Wax

45mins / AED 95

Men - Men's Chest Wax

30mins / AED 60

Men - Men's Full Back Wax

30mins / AED 60

Men - Men's Upper Back and Shoulder Wax

30mins / AED 60
A Flair For Hair

Ladies Haircut

AED 100

Gentlemen Haircut

AED 80

Toddles Haircut

AED 60

Fringe Cut

10mins / AED 40
Saloon Add Ons

Short Heave

30mins / AED 120
Our take on the classic wash and blow dry is a delightful wash and scalp massage, followed by a nourishing conditioning treatment. We apply a protective serum to prevent damage and to help achieve your refined style.

Catwalk Classic

45mins / AED 150
The end result is a fresh style either straight or wavy. “Take off” with our signature hair wash and blow dry and finish with tongs, rollers or straighteners to give you that stylish catwalk look of your dreams.

Up Do’s

60mins / AED 200
A gorgeous Up Do which can be traditional or trendy, but always customized. Your personal hair stylist will take into consideration your face contours, attire and occasion and then work their magic to craft your new look.
Hair Rejuvenation

Nourishing Rituals Short (0-20 centimeters)

45mins / AED 150

Nourishing Rituals Medium (20-60 centimeters)

60mins / AED 200

Nourishing Rituals Long (40-60 centimeters)

75mins / AED 300

Nourishing Rituals Extra Long (60 centimeters and above)

90mins / AED 400

Enhancement Rituals Short (0-20 centimeters)

45mins / AED 200

Enhancement Rituals Medium (20-60 centimeters)

60mins / AED 250

Enhancement Rituals Long (40-60 centimeters)

75mins / AED 300

Enhancement Rituals Extra Long (60 centimeters and above)

90mins / AED 350

Color Retention Short (0-20 centimeters)

45mins / AED 200

Color Retention Medium (20-60 centimeters)

60mins / AED 225

Color Retention Long (40-60 centimeters)

75mins / AED 250

Color Retention Extra Long (60 centimeters and above)

90mins / AED 350

Energizing Ritual Short (0-20 centimeters)

60mins / AED 200

Energizing Ritual Medium (20-60 centimeters)

75mins / AED 250

Energizing Ritual Long (40-60 centimeters)

90mins / AED 300

Energizing Ritual Extra Long (60 centimeters and above)

120mins / AED 350

Keratine Control Short (0-20 centimeters)

120mins / AED 1250

Keratine Control Medium (20-60 centimeters)

180mins / AED 1400

Keratine Control Long (40-60 centimeters)

200mins / AED 1800

Keratine Control Extra Long (60 centimeters and above)

240mins / AED 2200
Barber Shop

A Close Shave

20mins / AED 55
The experience “kick starts” with a hot towel compress to open up your pores. Our experts then apply foam in preparation for the expertly delivered shave. We finish by applying a post shave balm to rejuvenate and desensitize the skin and leave feeling on “top of the world”.

The Serenity Shave

30mins / AED 125
Created for those with very sensitive skin, but suitable for anyone who wants to pamper themselves, the “Serenity Shave” starts off with a hot towel compress over the face to cleanse and open up the pores. A pre-shave oil is applied to soften the beard, followed by an application of ice cool foaming gel which protects the skin from irritation and razor burns. After the expertly delivered shave is complete, we apply a hydrating mask, leaving your skin feeling nourished, softened and refreshed.

Beard And Moustache Trim

25mins / AED 50
Before we proceed to trim you beard and/or mustache we start off with a consultation to determine the appropriate length and style suitable for your facial contours, lifestyle and aspirations. It is only after we fully understand your expectations that we proceed to “mold” your perfect look.
Nail It

Serenity Manicure

30mins / AED 140
Your nails are a “blank canvas”, the colors are CND and the stage is set for a work of art to emerge. Fingernails are trimmed, filed and ridges are buffed. The cuticles are softened, pushed back and removed. Dead skin is cleaned out from under the free edge of your nails and brushed. A hand massage is performed with moisturizing hand cream and the fingernails are painted with two coats of your desired color and finished off with a top coat.

Serenity Pedicure

45mins / AED 155
A perfect escape from tired feet with CND. First your feet are soaked in a heated tub of rock salt water, toe nails are clipped if desired, nails are filed and cuticles are pushed back. We continue with a relaxing foot and leg massage up to the knee and then toe nails are painted with two coats of a desired color and finished off with a top coat

Serenity Anti Aging Manicure

60mins / AED 170
A remedy for stiff joints and wrinkled skin, it includes all the elements of the “Serenity Manicure”, but we take it a step further by dipping your hands into warm, melted paraffin wax, coating them with a warm and soothing paraffin shell used as a way to replenish and soften the skin and help with anti - aging

Serenity Anti Aging Pedicure

75mins / AED 190
Enjoy having your feet pampered with this sensational “treat for your feet”. We start off by soaking your feet in a heated tub of rock salt coolant; we cut and/or shape your toe nails if desired, we reduce and polish your hard skin, we push back your cuticles. We continue with a moisturizing massage and finish off by dipping your feet into a Paraffin Wax which relieves pain and stiffness, opens up our pores, helps to increase the blood circulation to your skin.

French Manicure

40mins / AED 150
The signature mark of the French manicure is the nail tip, which is painted a crisp white color. We cleanse your hands; we shape your nails and apply the cuticle cream to strengthen your cuticles. We then groom the fingers, by removing the extra dry skin, we apply nourishing hand cream and conclude with the French tip.

French Pedicure

45mins / AED 165
This pedicure includes all the elements of the Serenity Pedicure experience, but here we take it to another level. We trim, file and polish your nails and we then create the classic look of the French Tip and you leave us feeling elegant, confident and ready to take on the world.

Spa Manicure

45mins / AED 160
Our most indulgent manicure includes a soak in blue coolant salts, exfoliation, and we then “immerse” you in a stare of relaxation with our moisturizing hand cream hand massage. We finish off with your choice of nail lacquer as you admire the enhanced smoothness of your palms.

Spa Pedicure

60mins / AED 175
From beginning to end this is an absolutely lavish treat for tired feet. Your feet are soaked in preparation for your nail shaping and cuticle exfoliation. We then remove your hard skin with callus treatment and send you into a “sea of tranquility” with a tea tree cream massage. We finish off with your choice of nail lacquer as you enjoy the feeling of your lightened feet.
Nail Enhancements

Natural Clear Nails - Natural Gel

120mins / AED 360

Natural Clear Nails - French Gel

120mins / AED 370

Natural Clear Nails - Natural Acrylic

120mins / AED 350

Natural Clear Nails - French Acrylic

120mins / AED 360

Overlay Nails - Natural Gel

120mins / AED 290

Overlay Nails - French Gel

120mins / AED 310

Overlay Nails - Natural Acrylic

120mins / AED 300

Overlay Nails - French Acrylic

120mins / AED 315

Refill For Re-Growth Nails - Natural Gel

120mins / AED 200

Refill For Re-Growth Nails - French Gel

120mins / AED 230

Refill For Re-Growth Nails - Natural Acrylic

120mins / AED 200

Refill For Re-Growth Nails - French Acrylic

120mins / AED 230

Serenity Enhancement Extras - Checkup & Buff

20mins / AED 45

Serenity Enhancement Extras - Gel or Acrylic Repair

25mins / AED 55

Serenity Enhancement Extras - French Gel or Acyclic Overlay Repair

25mins / AED 50

Serenity Enhancement Extras - French Gel or Acyclic Repair

25mins / AED 65

Serenity Enhancement Extras - Instant Nail Repair

20mins / AED 45

Serenity Enhancement Extras - Natural Nail Repair

20mins / AED 45

Serenity Enhancement Extras - Extension Removal

45mins / AED 120

Serenity Enhancement Extras - Per Nail Removal

10mins / AED 40
Little Princess Salon (Age 10 and Under)

Mini Serenity Manicure

20mins / AED 40
Pamper the little lady in your life by treating her to a Mini Serenity Manicure. We start off by trimming and filing her nails, we follow this by a gentle massage and finish off with a polish of her choice, leaving her with a fabulous new look.

Mini Serenity Pedicure

20mins / AED 45
This pedicure is exclusively designed for your little princess. We firstly relax her tired feet and we then make her feel and look fabulous with her brand new colored toes.

Sparkling Fingers and Toes

10mins / AED 25
The princess’ nails are cleaned and any previous polishes are removed gently. We follow this with glittering nail paint chosen by the princess herself and which is applied to her fingers and toes. We are left with a shiny and sparkling feeling and a sunshine smile.
Elemis Facials

Tri-enzyme Resurfacing Facial

60mins / AED 280
Advanced refreshing technology, Effectively resurfaces the skin leaving it incredibly clean, smooth and clarifying. Reduce fine lines and winkles, uneven skin tones, pigmentation, acne and superficial scaring.

Pro Collagen Quartz Lifts Facial

75mins / AED 400
Anti wrinkle facial, This advanced anti wrinkle facial is clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94% and improve skin firmness by up to 57%, after just one treatment.

Herbal Lavender Repair Facial (Women only)

60mins / AED 250
For perfect restoration of skin balance, Deeply cleansing to draw out skin impurities, this facial will help reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores and treat skin breakouts.

Fruit Active Glow Facial (Women only)

60mins / AED 250
Bring back the glow to a lifeless complexion, Skin is deeply cleanse and stimulated by specialist eastern massage technique, whilst powerful conditioning actives nourished and renew vital radiance.

Exotic Moisture Dew Facial (Women only)

60mins / AED 250
Treat your skin to a moisture boost, Following a specialist facial massage, the skin is fed with thirst-quenching actives that will bring back that healthy, dewy look to the skin.

Urban Cleanse Facial (Men only)

75mins / AED 400
Deep cleanse and complete skin detox, This super grooming facial decongests the skin, working to eliminate block pores and accelerate skin recovery. Fast acting ingredients reduce sensitivity and provide long lasting defense against the effect of daily pollutants, leaving the skin clean

Skin IQ Facial (Men only)

75mins / AED 400
Anti aging booster for tired, stressed and dehydrated Skin. The ultimate skin overhaul for maximum anti ageing result. Charged with clinically proven time defense wrinkle delay and eye reviver, this treatment is tailored to help combat the effect of hectic life style, aging from frequent shaving and environmental stressors.

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